In his book Housing the Environmental Imagination, Dr. Peter Quigley writes, ” By being the most prominent extension of the imaginative into the physical realm, houses are full of communication: they are political statements, social commentary, as well as embodied aesthetic projects.”

Yesterday The Boston Globe  published a picture of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s house that just sold in California as well as the new one being built in Massachusetts.  The “old one” was a huge house, over eighteen thousand square feet. New one is down sized. Looks to be only about ten thousand square feet. Statement lost per square foot?

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Narrative Voice

Dear writers, how many narrative voices do you use? What is the difference between finding your voice and employing a narrative voice? These and many more questions I am examining as I write a book that is fast becoming a memoir.

I work hard to find times of angst. Doing so takes me back in time. Who said there are no time machines?

Some days I flounder against angst’s mother ship. I produce a whiny narrative voice. What is that? Not good I think.

In all instances, I try to include a voice that can express humor. I am hoping that by doing so I will find a sound that can appraise up close and at a distance in conversational tones.


Practicing Conceits

What is a writing conceit?

The dog appeared like a rhino. It  is what we call him

Anger is like a broken window.

Are these conceits?

The definition – a conceit is, in either a metaphor or a simile, a comparison of two things radically and startlingly unlike.

What say you?


Judith Barrington in her classic book Writing the Memoir writes, “Do not make the mistake of thinking it is easier to tell the stories you have lived than to make up fictitious stories about imaginary people.”

From my experience, I would add that going through the agonies and ecstasies of what I have lived prepares my fiction.  It adds a light and darkness to my imagination that I didn’t see before. This hasn’t yet developed into a story with a beginning and an end, but even with truth I am only just beginning.

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