New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos in his book, An Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the new China comments about couples in China hooking up for a first date.

I enjoyed what he told about women in China calling a man without a house, a car or a nest egg a “Triple Without.”

I wonder how long it will be before men in China use the same on women. Or that we use the expression here?

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A New Jersey Night 1963

“Where do I begin…on the heels of Rimbaud moving like a dancing bullet thru the secret streets of a hot New Jersey night filled with venom and wonder.” Bob Dylan, liner notes to Desire (1976)

Electric lights,

High overhead on poles,

Illuminated a young lady

Serenely confident

As she presented

A single  tap

To a golf ball

Sending it

Into forward motion.

Once spanked

By the beauty’s energy

The dimply sphere sparkled

In the same rays of light

That attracted

Squadrons of bugs overhead.

I stood transfixed

In fortune,

Hoping for words

Beyond my imaginings

To extend

The New Jersey night

Into more permanent bliss.


© Copyright 2014 Robert B. Ritchie

The Hardest Part About Intolerance is Intolerance

Today’s heading, said by a friend, is a memorable quote for me from February. I find coping with intolerance difficult. If I orally attack an action or speech I hear as intolerable  am I not instantly being intolerant?  I become what I don’t like. I become intolerant.

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Eros Three (or is it two)

A friend of mine encouraged me to post more comments about eros as depicted in Chapter 5 of A Religion of One’s Own  by Thomas Moore. Today I had an epiphany as I read comments such as  “You may not trust your sexuality because of a tendency to denigrate it, judging it to be your lower nature. See it as your higher nature, providing the energy and push to make something extraordinary of your life.”

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