Did you know?

This from Dark Hearts by Loren Pedersen.

“The patriarchal age has been a surprisingly short period compared to the matriarchal dominance lasting at least from some time during the last Ice Age up to the civilization of Crete. ”

My undergrad alma mater is Babson College. Their focus is entrepreneurial studies and/or how to become a CEO. I graduated in 1969 when the first woman student entered as a freshman. Now the majority of students are women.

What does it say about my feminine side that I cheer this? I see this as boding well for the future.

Is it the end of patriarchal age and the beginning of the next matriarchal age? If so, our future has been made brighter. My concern is that Pedersen refers to the Ice Age as our last one,  not as in no more, but as in their will be another.

Snoring Sully Sullenberger

In the AARP Bulletin, of which I am old enough to read, there is a conversation with Sully Sullenberger, the pilot who five years ago safely landed a jet on the Hudson River saving 155 passengers and crew.

Among his many experiences since, Sully was invited to Obama’s first inaugural ball. After being introduced to Obama, the President turned to Sully’s wife and said,”America considers him a hero.”

And Sully’s wife Lorrie said, “Well, the world may think him a hero, but he still snores!”

And that is what makes heroes real.

Neophilia Contends with Neophobia – Jobsians

“Neophilia contends with neophobia.”So writes Brett Cooke in Biopoetics.

He adds, “Science fiction allows us to vicariously live in a society before we have taken on the investment of building it.”

Our love of novelty often first gets expressed  in our arts and we evolve toward or away from what is new.

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Last night I watched American Idol and was ready to watch Nature. This last is as dark as I want to get. It is at least real. But dark for dark’s sake I don’t like, no matter if it is reading or viewing.

After Idol my wife opted to watch Fargo and I said go ahead I am going to read and then go to bed. Asleep by 9, a good thing because the dog woke me up at 3.

In A Religion of One’s Own, Thomas Moore writes about art, ” We need paintings and other art around us that will shatter our comfort with reality as we understand it. Good art moves us along and keeps us from being complacent….Bad art, especially bad spiritual art, takes us nowhere.”

My observations of art, whether it be a TV show, an Internet blog, a book or a painting is becoming more discerning. I look for purpose. If its meant to be entertainment, then I want to be entertained and I don’t want dark. If it is to move me along, then show me the polluted air, the drug dealers with full profanities in Baltimore, or dead elephants in India.

But violence in Fargo? I don’t get its purpose and for me it is not entertaining.

American Idol? Pure entertainment and a few of the 99% get richer. I like that.


Not a Bedtime Story

Even before the latest tensions in Ukraine, I thought I should know more about Russian leadership. Ever since I have been on this earth, Russia seems to have played the part of our enemy. I wanted to be more informed.

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Urban and Rural

Jung writes, “Plainly the urban world knew nothing about the country world, the real world of mountains, woods and rivers, of animals and ‘God’s thoughts.’ “…..This insight proved dangerous, because it tricked me into fits of superiority, misplaced criticism, and aggressiveness, which got me deservedly disliked.”

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