Needless Worries?

The Tree, we are going to try and save the tree!!! Hurrah!

Amazon Gift Certificates – a few kind and thoughtful folks gave me gift certificates for having received a Master’s Degree. I cashed in one this week knowing I had missed our monthly grocery delivery. Immediately I worried whether or not I would find enough books to buy before next month’s grocery shipment at the end of June.  I didn’t want to waste the gift certificate on toothpaste and coffee.

Good news! I bought two books today. Is it June yet?

National Association of Whiners (NAOW)

Pronounced “Now.” Used to be AAOW. I belong and so can you. The dues are free for the first year. It stands for the National Association of Whiners. I want it now!

Let me give you an example of how it works. I am going to a retreat today. Retreats are like parties. I don’t like parties. I don’t want to go. I want it to be over, now! As my dues for NAOW are paid up, I have the right to whine. In fact, I am expected to. It is this last that spells out the difference between members and non-members.

Stay tuned. I hear a new blog calling.

More Information about and a Selection from The Absolutist

Absolutist–is one who believes in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters.

The book takes place in the trenches of WWI

The two main characters are arguing over where to take a stand; Will is willing to die for his principal of no longer engaging in combat; too many wrongs he has seen. Here is the scene.

“Don’t die Will.”

He frowns a little and looks up at me. “Don’t you have any principles, Tristan? Principles for which you would lay down your life, I mean.”

“No,” I say, “People, perhaps. But not principles. What good are they?”

“You don’t really believe in anything at all, do you Tristan? I don’t say this to hurt you, really I don’t. I just mean that you run away from things, that’s all. From your family, for example. From your friendships. From right and wrong. But I don’t. You see, I can’t. I’d like to be more like you of course. If I was, there’d have been more a chance I would get out of this bloody mess with my life.”