Let’s Vitalize The World!

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The influence of the vitalized person is that he vitalizes.” ~Joseph Campbell

I’ve been viewing the epic interviews of visionary/philosopher/hero Joseph Campbell on “The Power of Myth.” Somewhat familiar with Campbell’s game changing research and theories, I was thrilled to receive my son’s Christmas gift of the DVDs of Campbell’s historic conversations with Bill Moyers to learn more.

One point that resonates deafeningly for me, among the many nuggets of brilliance, is Campbell’s insistence that by following our passion, our “bliss,” we can change the world. Throughout his exhaustive research of myths from across the globe and throughout millennia runs this golden thread of guidance: Each of us needs to discover, bring forth and share our unique gifts.


We are each heroes on our own hero’s journey, who by mining our inimitability and contributing it to the world, make that world a more vibrant place.

How to do this?  Unlike…

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