On being improbable

I love stories of the improbable, especially when they become possible. Happy New Year Sirena of Sirena, Sirena, and Sirena!

Sirena Tales

I’ve always loved tales of the improbable, especially of the human kind.  The underdog, the comeback kid, the hero surmounting daunting odds:  I think most people are drawn to these heroic tales.   A lot of their magic is wrapped up in the notion of possibility.

Witnessing someone else’s expansion of the limits of possibility inspires us and our imaginations.  If he/she/they can do that, what else is possible?  For them, but also for me?

While my own stories of being and doing the improbable fall far short of many, I realize that a number of my choices have been fueled at least partly as a vote of confidence for possibility. If I head out to the more distant reaches of convention, of the norm, I hope to contribute to the treasure chest that is possibility.


Not to suggest that I have done things solely or even primarily because they…

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