On being improbable

I love stories of the improbable, especially when they become possible. Happy New Year Sirena of Sirena, Sirena, and Sirena!

Sirena Tales

I’ve always loved tales of the improbable, especially of the human kind.  The underdog, the comeback kid, the hero surmounting daunting odds:  I think most people are drawn to these heroic tales.   A lot of their magic is wrapped up in the notion of possibility.

Witnessing someone else’s expansion of the limits of possibility inspires us and our imaginations.  If he/she/they can do that, what else is possible?  For them, but also for me?

While my own stories of being and doing the improbable fall far short of many, I realize that a number of my choices have been fueled at least partly as a vote of confidence for possibility. If I head out to the more distant reaches of convention, of the norm, I hope to contribute to the treasure chest that is possibility.


Not to suggest that I have done things solely or even primarily because they…

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Seen Along a Stream

Always good, one last reblog of Solutions for 2014

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Stream

There’s a stream near my house that I follow occasionally. It’s not big enough to row a boat up or down, gently or otherwise, but life is often dreamlike when I walk its banks.

2. Ice on a Log

It was a warm, rainy day that was more like fall than winter but ice had formed on the logs overnight and remained there in shadier places. I tried to catch all the colors of the rainbow that the sun made in the ice but once again I was less than successful.

3. Gravel

When the glaciers retreated they left behind huge amounts of sand and gravel in this area and most stream and river beds flow through it. Many animals drink from this stream and the sand bars dotted here and there along its length are great places to look for their tracks, but on this day the rain had been heavy enough to wash them away.

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Words from Robert Bly

A Little Book on the Human Shadow

“Marilyn Monroe called for projections as part of her power longing, and her disturbance must have been about victimization in childhood. The success of projection and recall, done so successfully in tribal culture, face to face, goes out of whack when the mass media arrives.

In the economy of the psyche, her death was inevitable and even right. No single human being can carry so many projections- that is, so much unconsciousness- and survive. So it’s infinitely important that each person bring back his or her own.”

That’s all folks. Happy New Year!