Momentum: Life Lessons from Dancing

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Sirena Tales

I need to get back to that place.

That enthralling place, that place inside me where I was a  few days ago…in a gorgeous studio luminescing with positive vibes…choreographing, alone, in the zone.  That place that carried me forward with my new dance solo: where I gained momentum.

Ah, right.  I can feel it now.

I think about and explore this sensation a lot with my dancing-moving with enough energy to harness momentum, but not so much to “push the river.” Becoming part of the flow, baby.

The longer I dance, and live, I realize what an exquisite practice it is to consider and use momentum.  If we seek momentum’s thrilling ride, we need to loosen up and open up.  Obvious, right? Yet, very often our fears and lack of commitment end up forming leaden blocks that impede the very momentum we hope for.

In dancing, I experience this a…

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One thought on “Momentum: Life Lessons from Dancing

  1. SirenaTales August 17, 2014 / 7:48 am

    Ah, FF, thank you so much for starting my day on the high note of your generosity. I am more grateful than I can express in words! I hope you have a lovely and inspiring week ahead, my kind friend. xo

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