Silence and Solitude



(What follows is something I wrote years ago. something I posted last July and something which has always haunted me, because, although it speaks Honestly, I ever felt it did not represent me at this time in my life. So I added the ending today, which is designated by the break near the end of the verse. I am satisfied now that it speaks to who I am today, and, although those feelings of loneliness do still exist, they are now tempered by a better Understanding and Patience. I hope you like it…better )


It borders on my Sanity like a perimeter fence, locking out my Solitude, Barring me from myself.

From You.

And Chaos Wakens within me, like the Opening Eye of Daylight, the turmoil of My Soul.

Solitude is Beautiful.

Solitude is Violence to my Heart.

Solitude is something, although I have little or any Awareness of…

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