the thing about mental illness

Sirena, feels very close.

Sirena Tales

it’s a riptide

on a moonless night

stealthy and inexorable


out to a pounding


you grab

for his hand

but he “will drag you under, too”

it’s without logic

the ghastly ripples


across generations of pain

you dive in


to save

try again

it’s no good

you can’t reach

the rope’s too short and the sea too rough

if only they would get help

but they don’t, won’t

and so it’s intractable

this persistent murmur, glacial masquerade, madness

a sibling to genius, sure

yet right here, right now?

it’s a scourge–

now hush!

we won’t speak of it

it’s pretending

that the rip’s not there

and maybe that’s the worst

Photo: Essennelle Studios

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