The Enigma That is Hissy Fit Jones

What we can learn from pets.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Hissy Fit Jones.

20140709-053524-20124819.jpg Hissy Fit Jones- former feral

Born to a feral mom, he became quite ill while young, so his mama brought him to us and left him there.

Jen doctored him up and got him better, and had him neutered. But he decided he liked us, and hung around.

For the longest time, the most of what we all saw of Hissy Fit Jones was this:

HFJ Hissy loved to give it to Jen anytime she came near.

But lately we’ve noticed he’s become far more loving. He’s taken to lying on the pillow above Jen’s head….. of course, he fights with Bubba Cat for that honor.

20140716-055458-21298057.jpg the coveted Pillow of the Human

And a couple of days ago, this happened:

This is lil' Hissy Jones laying on top of Jen! This is lil’ Hissy Jones laying on top of Jen!

Do you think he might one day outgrow his name?


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