How to Grow Gorgeous Rocket Larkspur

Summer’s bliss, great photographs!


The colorful Rocket Larkspur is also knows as Delphinium ajacis.
Rocket Larkspur is easy to grow and is considered as a garden favorite. This annual flower is native to Europe, but also grows in North America. Rocket Larkspur is an excellent cut flower and comes in many varieties of colors: white, pink, blue and purple.
Larkspur symbolizes a fickle heart.

Rocket Larkspur prefers full sun or partial shade and a well-drained soil. This deer resistant flower grows between 24-36 inches tall. You can plant Rocket Larkspur in spring or fall. Rocket Larkspur germinates best in cool weather. Larkspur can be started indoors, but do not forget to transplant them later.
Rocket Larkspur blooms April through September and after the beautiful flowers fade, you will see that the plant will produce a brown seed pot, which can be easily dispersed by the wind.
Do not forget to water the plants regularly…

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