Happy Birthday America

Not what I like to do, but deserves a reblog for a job well done. Its now at the point I would show up.

At Home in New Hampshire

This is it.  The unofficial height of summer.  Here in New Hampshire we had some wild storms blow through last night leaving us with clouds, lingering rain and a lot of downed tree limbs.  We survived with minimal issue.

I love the fourth of July mostly for the nostalgia of old time parades, lemonade, hot dogs and cherry pie.  New Hampshire is pretty cool as you can still find the small town feel and charm around many corners.

This year we will be celebrating by finishing the flooring in the living room.  Let me remind you that when we bought this farmhouse last year, there was old shag carpeting throughout, dark stained pine trim and wainscoting and dingy wall paper.  The previous owners were smokers so we immediately removed the downstairs rugs and started tearing down wallpaper. We lived with braided rugs thrown over particleboard floors for the last several…

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