Why I Live In A Purple House

Even if I did not like the color, I love the attitude.

Sirena Tales

Lavender, to be precise.  Which, in my neck of the woods, is generally “not done.”

My husband stunned me a couple of decades ago when we were considering what color to paint our peeling, pale blue house in suburban New England.  “What about something whimsical?” he had asked.  Why not, indeed?

Floored only for a moment, I dived into an enchanting discussion of the possible.  What if we  forged new territory beyond the miles and miles of beige, white, grey, and the occasional pale blue or green?  All of which are fine colors for a home.  But what about the rest of the spectrum?

After all these years, my heart still lifts a bit when I spy the lovely and unique hue, as well as its chameleon like quality depending on the light and whether the ground contrasts with snow or greenery.  Alabaster, mauve, lilac, periwinkle, light violet-we’ve been delighted…

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