Weekly writing Challenge: A Lost Art

Lost power equals at least one loss soul in NH

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

There are so many lost arts such as building dry rock walls that have been lost or almost lost to society. I have a friend who is a dry rock wall builder having done his apprenticeship in the UK. There are not that many walls of this type left in existence and almost none currently being constructed so he is working as a builder, his skill virtually lost to the world.

Another art that has been largely lost is writing. I don’t mean writing as in telling a story, journalistic pieces and the like which are now  computer generated. No I mean the art of using a pen. When I started school we used lead pencils as the teachers considered  us too small and inexperienced to manage nib and ink. When we had learnt the correct method of holding the pencil, a skill I never mastered and to this day place…

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