Like Cats and Dogs

Humans are like a dog and a cat

Vying for the attentions

Of a godlike master,

Each incredulous

That their master could love

The other.

One of them,

Seemingly so indifferent,

So small,

Its voice so sissy-like,

It meows.

And then

It has the gaul

To think that I,

The one with the courageous

Beautiful, boisterous voice,

Should be the one

That our master throws out.

But our master loves us both.

And eventually

We accept our worth

And sleep with an animal

We once disdained.

I found out

The cat is

A warm

And friendly fiend,

And thinks

The same of me.

The cat

Whose food,

When it drops

From the master’s hand,

Often tastes

Better than mine.

The cat

Acts as if

It has no interest

In the food,

But I know

The cat

Wishes it

To be mine,

Because we are friends.

Copyright 2014  Robert Bruce Ritchie


One thought on “Like Cats and Dogs

  1. Carole Webber May 22, 2014 / 8:43 am

    preceding poem
    pondering pets
    pleasing perspective

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