How Are You An Artist?

It seems to me it is all about claiming our artistry. Sirena does that well.

Sirena Tales

A friend and mentor asked me that question recently. Say, what? I was initially taken aback, as he has known me for years, has discussed my dance and writing passions with me at length, has seen me perform.

I am a dancer/choreographer and writer, remember? But that’s not what he was asking me. His question was tougher. Deeper. His question is about intention, identity, integrity. Vision, even.

If I believe myself to be an artist, how do I live that belief? Maybe you’ve given this a lot of thought and already answered it comprehensively. Maybe I am late to the party (again). While I’ve ruminated at length about art and creativity, I had not previously done so precisely in these terms.

Why I am thinking about this today is primarily because of the afternoon’s session with one of the students I volunteer to tutor in writing. Things got off to…

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  1. SirenaTales May 6, 2014 / 10:34 pm

    I am honored by your reblogging! Thank you so much, FF.

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