Then I Heard a Robin

Evelyn Underhill writes in Mysticism, “William James once suggested as a useful exercise for young idealists, a consideration of the changes which would be worked in our ordinary world if the various branches of our receiving instruments exchanged duties; if, for instance, we heard all colors and saw all sounds.”

I tried it with colors first, on book jackets and book marks. They looked like they were trying to cooperate.

I stared for a long time. The sound didn’t come at me as on Bose speakers, but the colors vibrated. Then I saw a robin.

In the car, where I listen to most of my music on Bose, I put on classical and realized I had seen color all along. Then I heard a robin.


2 thoughts on “Then I Heard a Robin

  1. Carole Webber April 23, 2014 / 9:13 am

    Uh, oh, I think we may need to worry about you, next it will be visions!
    Nice robin image though and they do sing.

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