Alphabetical Emotions: Pleasure

Irene, many years ago I ran, now I walk. Over time and on certain times, both offer highlighted pleasure. Regardless, I think our thoughts to extend to moving corners of our mouth. Great post!

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

Another positive emotion is pleasure which could be defined as being happily satisfied or having happy enjoyment. The things that give me the most pleasure are the unexpected events – flowers from my husband for no particular reason,

© irene waters 2014 © irene waters 2014

a beautiful sunset,

© irene waters 2014 © irene waters 2014

a beautiful view,

© irene waters 2014 © irene waters 2014

even a nice meal will give me pleasure. Dancing gives me immense pleasure as does going to the theatre, listening to music I enjoy and meandering around art galleries (most of the time).

Pleasure is probably the opposite emotion to pain. Epicurus, a Greek philosopher, defined it as the absence of suffering. Unless you are a masochist you’d have to agree with his definition.

Pleasure can be artificially created with electrical stimulation to the brain and of course drugs both illicit and prescribed can give a sense of pleasure. The one that I have…

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