Friday Morning

Love these words. Now to use them.

Cats and Chocolate

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Mornings: coffee, reading and opening up to the day. I’ve been battling with a wonky sleep pattern lately – too late to bed (or should that be early?), struggling to switch my brain off – or maybe I should just accept that I have been, and always will be, a night owl. Yet there is something about waking early, to the possibilities that a new day brings. Each moment we live is our lifetime, each moment is the present, our lives unfolding. I want to be more present. Sometimes I find myself drifting too far into the future – worrying, planning, imagining – and not attending to here and now, the moment that is. I like mornings suffused with sunlight, with the smell of coffee and toast. The gentle purr of a cat.

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I read an article on Philosopher’s Mail about the good points of insomnia – that we often do…

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