Please know how much I love you. Please know I always will.

One of the toughest things in the world, saying goodbye to someone we love.

little miss funeral

I guess this is where I should tell you to stop reading. This post breaks my heart. You probably don’t want to read this post. And if you continue to read this post, remember, I gave you fair warning.

I remember is was cold outside. And dark. An evening in early December of 1999. My dad got lost and had to pull over to a house and ask to use the resident’s phone. This was the age before cell phones. I was nine. I was excited. I wanted to cry out in happiness.

When we finally got to our destination, it was so black outside I couldn’t see. A lady took me and my family into a back room. The first thing I remember is the smell. They have a distinct smell. I called “Here puppy, puppy, puppy!” and he came to me. I like to think that he chose…

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One thought on “Please know how much I love you. Please know I always will.

  1. Carole Webber April 9, 2014 / 11:12 am

    very sad

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