enjoying every minute of life…

Wonderful pictures and thoughts


In life, A lot things happen beyond our control, beyond our expectation, how do you face it?

Are you willing to accept it with open heart?

Are you rejecting it?

Are you enjoying the process?

When I was in Taiwan, I also took an opportunity to visit Buddha memorial Centre in Kao Shiong.

Sis & I took a day trip, we got a taxi to get to the destination.

Our aim was to visit the Buddha Memorial Centre, we thought Buddha Memorial Centre is inside Fo Guang San.  It’s such a big monastery, we saw staircase after staircase, my body was in pain after more than 500 times of prostrations during receiving Bodhisattva precepts. However, We must keep walking in order to get to Buddha Memorial Centre, and pay respect to Buddha tooth relic.

During the journey, We were surprise that not many people visiting the monastery. We just enjoying our…

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