It Just Doesn’t All Go Together, Does It?

Brett Cooke writes in Biopoetics, “The very universality of the arts, surely not a pure accident, by itself argues strongly for the opposite position – namely, that the arts perform some sort of vital role in determining our evolutionary fate.”

I find that disconcerting when earlier Cooke wrote, “Indeed, our findings should be taken to suggest that the arts be restored to their former prominence. both in the classroom and in our wider social discourse. With ease and pleasure they train us in a variety of valuable cognitive skills……

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“Poetics is distinguished from hermeneutics by its focus not on the meaning of a text, but rather its understanding of how a text’s different elements come together and produce certain effects on the reader.” -Wikipedia.

Biopoetics does not exist, this also from Wikipedia.

I love nothing more than reading a book with a title that does not exist, as is the case with Biopoetics, a book edited by Brett Cooke and Frederick Turner.

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If you speak German, then you know the meaning of the word “urstoff”. You might also quarrel with the definition I list. I understand  urstoff as the primary stuff of the universe. Stuff that has persisted and undergone change.

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