Art and History from the 70’s

I like learning something new, this fits.

At Home in New Hampshire

Back in the 70’s my grandmother was dating a man who owned a bar in downtown Manchester, NH.  I was very little, but I recall being in the bar and playing with a bowling pin machine.  I also remember all the boxing memorabilia on display.  Turns out the man my grandmother was dating was a former (1920’s) lightweight boxer named Louis Prince.

Prince wasn’t the best boxer in the area but he did go up against some local big names including a man named Johnny Harko.  Harko, also from Manchester, would twice be named New England Featherweight Champion.

Both men had short boxing careers and went on to do other things.  In the 1970’s, Louis ran a bar and Johnny opened a glass making studio both in the same city of Manchester.  Were John and Louis friends? We know they knew each other. Did Harko frequent Louis’ bar?  Perhaps one…

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