White Ice on Mud Puddles

Until New Hampshire Garden Solutions (NHGS) wrote about white ice on mud puddles, I walked past thousands, completely oblivious to their being a harbinger of warmer weather. Although not a fan of heat and humidity, I long for  higher temperatures as much as anyone.

Now that NHGS has brought white ice on mud puddles to our attention, my antenna is in an up periscope position. As  I walk  the roads,  NHGS’s observation is more reliable than robins.  I find such puddles in my face and less skittish than birds.

Like NHGS, I remember childhood days of bike and walks. I think because I lived in a neighborhood of side walks. Each block seemed to have ever-changing sections of walk, some stone, other concrete and even brick. The form of the puddles changed with the surface. Brick seemed to produce the most puddles because of it preponderance of cracks.

The concept of white ice on mud puddles produces within me more a feeling of nostalgia than  sight.  I think that while NHGS was looking down, I was looking up or straight ahead.

Our new puppy is like this, he never seems to look down. He is a teenager. I was too until about forty something. Fun, but not much of an observational  experience. An experience in which NHGS excels.

2 thoughts on “White Ice on Mud Puddles

  1. New Hampshire Garden Solutions March 12, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    It’s a good thing some of us are looking straight ahead, otherwise we’d all be bumping into each other.

    • fictionfitz March 13, 2014 / 5:09 am

      you are an understanding and charitable observer

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