After the revolution

For hippie dreamers, me. I was caught in the rye.

Chicken Farmer, I still love you

I wonder if I’d recognize any of them nowadays. Probably wouldn’t even know their names (not just the women who have married).

The answer when the kids ask about drugs is, Why bother, when you can meditate instead. They have the openness we needed; they need the stability we battled.

Besides, the person who introduced you to drugs might have become a Wall Street broker. Think about it.

No one would ever be able to replicate Haight-Ashbury or Woodstock. As the Chinese saying goes, a river never runs backward. The conditions kept changing, even before the genie was out of the bottle. Not that your wishes would be granted quite as you expected, anyway. Besides, there’s only one first time for anything. If we were like Moses, on a flight to freedom, the sea was closing behind us. We were even getting older.

A few years ago, I read an…

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