Autumn, Creekside

Looks like impressionist paintings. These are terrific, and best of all, they begin and end with a cat.

Catwoods Porch Party

The creek stages a gala, magical event, come autumn. It’s all done with light and water. Unlike illusionists using ‘smoke and mirrors’, the creek works with only natural props, and at “Presto!” reveals only vistas of solidly real beauty. Creek patter and flowing movements are not misdirection; they attract our attention at its keenest. It’s scheduled from whenever the leaves really start to turn, until . . .

I’m out in the woods using a camera to try to catch the creek at some of its ‘tricks’. I’m not a photographer, though, I’m a frustrated painter. I was always trying to play catch-up with nature, but nature was always light years ahead of me; well, duh.

The water grabs the light and bounces hues around, reflecting and cross-reflecting.

Presenting mixed media collages of light, ripples, leaves attached and detached, water, sky, trees, swirls, waves, eddies, reflections, with a heavy reference…

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