Take the Risk

I like it, but of course the advice is for you, not me. :>)

Writes Alone

A big part of many writers’ lives is dealing with the rejection of their work. Rejection is never an easy thing to deal with at anytime or for any reason in anybody’s life, but when it’s the rejection of something you’ve poured countless hours of heartrending work into, it’s hard not to take it very personally and very badly. No wonder so many writers, actors, painters, and other creative types abuse alcohol and drugs, it’s a desperate attempt to self medicate and deaden the pain. The act of creating is a very demanding thing and unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with genius and talent, but this shouldn’t stop anyone from expressing themselves through the countless forms of art that are just waiting to be discovered. For truly the creative life is an exciting one.

One way to deal with rejection is to avoid it. Don’t share your work with anyone…

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