Waiting for Godots

Waiting for Godot, a play written by Samuel Beckett, is considered a classic.  I read it years ago and have ever since assumed Godot is God. You will have to let me know if I am wrong or right. Right now, I want to tell you about more important things, as in who are my Godots today?

It has been a day of office and writing. I found if I am going to write,  morning is best, an exception apparently being if I am waiting for somebody or something. Today I am waiting for my wife and for the oil man.

Both are Godot’s. My wife is a frequent Godot and the oil man, a first timer. They qualify, as they have significant godly powers, if not divinity.

Earlier this year we had our oil tank moved about a foot to get it away from the wall of the cellar. We did so because the wall’s material makeup would cause damage to the tank. In order to enable the men to move it, we had to have the tank no more than a quarter full.

I am a stickler for wanting the tank refilled when half full for reasons similar to why grocery stores crowd up before snow storms. I also want a manageable bill. But with the recent quarter tank experience, I learned that receiving the oil bill less frequently trumps the size of the bill. So that I could test various scenarios, I took us off automatic delivery.

Friday, I called to have a delivery and they assigned today. No oil man by two thirty so I phoned them and was told they didn’t have us listed. They asked if it is okay if they come tomorrow.  Sure.

Meanwhile my wife came home from the grocery store. All Godot’s, if not arrived, are now accounted for. I wonder if there will be this many Godots in the nursing home.  My fear is there will probably be more.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Godots

  1. Carole Webber January 8, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    Waiting for Godot is one of my favorite plays. I have seen it a few times. I experience a spiritual lift from it, I do think of it as God at times and then again the wait for death, one never knows when Godot is coming,

    As far as the oil man is concerned, hard to put him in either category. I ,for one would go back on automatic delivery as those customers will be honored first for service at stormy times..

    Susan is definitely a God messenger as she is bringing you food for thought as well as sustenance.

  2. I stopped by my blog and thank you for reading with me and for commenting on my post. I stopped over here because I like to address everyone by their first name, and although I thought your name was/is Bob, I had to see for myself. I’m so happy I came on over as I love this blog post. I’m terrible when it comes to waiting and it seems the older I get, the worse I become. I also seem to have less control over the times I have to wait. Then you dropped the nursing home ball, and I didn’t want to, but I could still hear my father’s voice saying, “Nursing homes are where people go when they have nothing left to do but die.” I’d hoped I’d be able to take care of him and my husband but simply didn’t have the stamina during Dad’s last month of life. I’ll go to my grave beating myself up for that one.

    • fictionfitz January 9, 2014 / 4:21 am

      The concept of dying naturally in our sleep is reserved for only a few. Today I am visiting a nursing home and an assisted living home. Many seem to be waiting to die, but others act and talk vibrantly. My role is chaplain. A nurse once said to me, “How do you do it?” I looked back at her incredulous knowing that what she does I cannot. Thanks for expressing your thoughts; your honesty is in all over your blog and for me it is healing.


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