Marilyn writes another good piece, is it only writers who have narrators?

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When I was little, I had imaginary playmates. I talked to them. They followed me around. I was never bored because I had friends who really understood me. After I started school, my shadow friends left, never to return. Instead, I got a narrator who has been my lifetime companion. Whatever has gone wrong in my life, I suggest you blame in on the narrator. It’s all his fault.

“Narrator?” you ask. Before you decide I’m schizophrenic, a lot of writers have one or more narrators. I understand the narrator is my voice. He has just one story to tell. Mine. My job is to live. His is to tell the tale. His is the eye that sees all but isn’t involved. He witnesses — but causes nothing, changes nothing, makes no suggestions except to correct grammar. I wish he were a better proofreader.

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My narrator does not instruct, chastise or judge…

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3 thoughts on “LIFE IN REAL TIME

  1. Carole Webber January 7, 2014 / 5:48 am

    Narrators may be our inner selves who talk to us quietly while we listen to others.

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