Winter Has Arrived

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1. Snowy Trail

Last Sunday morning I woke up to about 8 inches of fresh, powdery snow. It was so light and dry that it was easy to walk through but if we get much more I’m going to have to start wearing snowshoes.  I’m hoping that some of the trails I want to visit today have already been packed down by previous hikers.

2. Snowy Forest

Despite how dry the snow was it covered everything as if it were the heavy, wet variety. The local newspaper said that this year and 2003 rank as the top years for earliest snowfall since 1960. Historically, early snowfalls mean snowier winters in this part of the country.

 3. Snowy Stream

The local stream was starting to freeze over. Since this photo was taken we’ve seen 10 degree below zero temperatures, so it has probably frozen over completely now.

 4. GBH in Snow 

This great blue heron seemed to want very badly for…

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