The Listener

Eric P. Newcomer, a writer for The Information, writes about Jessica Livingston, who makes a living helping YC founders who fight. What is a YC? A good question, one that took me to Wikipedia for an answer. Wiki explains a YC is a seed stage start-up company, a Combinator company, therefore YC.  Combinator is calculus term. I assume this is how it relates to high-tech.

But let’s get back to the fight. Jessica helping out companies whose founders fight is somewhat akin to marriage counseling.  Eric likens it to siblings fighting. Like ghost busters, who do they call? Jessica Livingston.

Jessica is forty-two years old. My favorite part of Mr. Newcomer’s article about Jessica is this one line, “Ms. Livingston is seen as a natural listener who has gained perspective on the stresses of starting a company from mentoring the 643 startups backed by YC.”

It is that first part that grabs me.  Jessica is a natural listener. High on my list of important people are natural listeners. I met them first in college. One in particular who has been a life long friend.

For me listening has been a different learning process than writing. Writing is something I wanted to do. Listening, only after a light bulb went off that said how important listening had been to health, my health. I wanted to give back.

I love writing, but listening is love. Once I received it, and its quiet affirmations, overtime it made its way through to me. I  wanted to give back. It just took a while. I am a late bloomer

3 thoughts on “The Listener

    • fictionfitz December 15, 2013 / 5:38 am

      Maybe you only have to hear it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, you left the door open, intentionally?

  1. Carole Webber December 15, 2013 / 4:37 pm

    You are definitely an attentive listener listener, a must in your profession.
    I am still working on it.

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