Watching the fog this morning I was mulling over the expression, “I am in a fog.” or “I am in such a fog.” Sounds like an excuse unless of course one belongs to the NAOW (National Association Of Whiners) which I do. In which case I believe it is always good within an organizational structure to have what it takes to belong.

The fog outside my window depicted in this morning’s snapshot had its own allure. I didn’t find it depressing. I found it soothing, refreshing, energizing.

Which brings me back to the “I” statements of fog. Why do we look upon fog as not a good thing for ourselves. How can we rethink our fogginess to work for us?

My take is to make it like day dreaming. Feel it as a creative moment. One in which the present is gone and a spiritual realm is presenting itself. I am gone from self and in connection with unnamed others.

One thought on “Fog

  1. Carole Webber October 17, 2013 / 9:14 am

    I like this and I can relate to how you feel about fog.
    The only drawback to fog is if you need to drive in it,
    Not being a member of your whiney group I would never complain about it
    I find it mysterious, calming and serene.

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