For Just a Moment

The intention of this blog is to report reactions to books. Rarely do I report reactions to fictional writing. Up to this point, it has even been rarer than fiction that I would report on reactions to daily life. This may change.

If it does, it will be for two reasons. My visit with the hobbit yesterday and the blog of the opinionated man. This last you shall find in the likes section of Writing Out Loud.

First, the hobbit. As you might have already discovered, the hobbit I visit is a “she.” She is my spiritual director with whom I have been visiting monthly for the past four years. The hobbit brings me closer to the sacred. No matter how much or how little I talk when we visit, at the very end she asks where was God in all of that. My answer is not the experience of an epiphany, but rather one of being aloud in the moment.

As to the opinionated man’s blog, freshly discovered, the voice that writes does so with the wisdoms of observation and in the spirit of humility. I am receiving much from the written voice it portrays. Opinionated yes, but not in any way pushy or obnoxious. I think it to be an unintentionally persuasive voice. If it continues communicating in this style, I am going to suggest that the opinionated man go to congress. Either as a congressman or in the capacity of a consultant, maybe a chaplain.

His observations of daily life, coupled with my thinking of where is God in all of that, will encourage me to write thoughts on Writing Out Loud not only from readings, but from living.