Things Familiar

As I was reading this morning, it occurred to me that words of things familiar enhance my connection to the visions of an author. As with real vision, familiar words make me not only visualize a place or time, but feel it, even smell it. I connect completely.

The words that rooted me to my epiphany were “must be the Presbyterian Church.” Immediately a stone church appeared.  As did the street it was on and the people around it. Not in it, but around it. My visual experience was complete and explicit.

The moment captivated me. Present realities went out of focus. I saw the place the words took me,  an experience pleasant and pleasurable. In spite of some less than positive encounters with The Presbyterian Church, those most affirming  triumphed. I felt comfort.

This experience with words of things familiar suggests that my writings should not ignore using them. Recognizing familiarity has the power to connect reader and writer through the power of imagination. Apparently, it is not exclusively authors who experience writing prompts.

Ambition & Greatness

David Orr in his terrific book Beautiful & Pointless writes about the ambition of poets. Ambition that can lead to greatness, as in the desire to be great. It has me pondering whether I need either.

Desiring greatness, good for the soul? If I could be great, would I die happier? I think of my reference to reading all the books in the library. Once I would have settled for that before dying.

A new movie of an old book As I Lay Dying  is in theaters. This is a movie that people said could not be done. For this reason alone, I have to see it. Have you, or have you heard any reviews?

The phrase as I lay dying exploits my desires. What will I be wishing for that I left undone in life as I lie dying?  Will I be covertness of undone greatness? Will I care?

In a blog post I read this morning the author spoke to Dear Abby fictitiously. The author desired children and is now past the age of being able.* Would that as a desire fulfilled equate to greatness? Is it ambition?

My desires have become simple. I want to be of help to others and to write. Fifty-fifty time devotion would be acceptable. A lofty ambition? On some days I think so.