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Beech leaves fade from green to copper

Beech leaves fade from green to copper

Beech trees are some of the last to drop their leaves—even holding on to them through the winter as they bleach to papery white.

Nikon D600, Nikon 50mm lens, ISO 800, f/1.8, 1/3200″ exposure

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Time for a Climb


If the pictures were not enough, worth a reblog for the Sue Grafton quote at the finish.

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1. Beaver Swamp in Fog

Last weekend I planned to climb a mountain to see the foliage colors from above but the weather had other plans. On Saturday it rained until about 1:00 pm and on Sunday morning the fog was about as thick as it ever gets here. I stopped in at a local swamp to see what I could see.

2. Beaver Lodge in Fog

I couldn’t see much of anything except the fuzzy outline of a beaver lodge off shore.

3. Trail

Once the rain stopped on Saturday I climbed Hewes Hill where Tippin Rock is. By the time I reached the top the sun was fully out and pointed directly at the camera, so none of the photos are worth showing. On Sunday once the fog lifted I was able to reach the top a little earlier in the day but once again the lighting was harsh.

 4. Greater Whipwort

On the way up I found a rock that was…

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