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One of my favorite walking spots, but not in winter. Interesting to read about and see in my off season

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1. Storefronts

In 2003 bulldozers and dump trucks moved onto a local wetland and began tearing it up. After two years had passed what was left was a sprawling 70 acre suburban eyesore, and any trace of what was once a natural wetland was gone. Or so I thought. I’ve been keeping an eye on this place since it was built just to see what kind of an impact it would have on the natural surroundings and I’ve been surprised again and again.

2. Pond

When they built the shopping center they also built a retention basin to manage runoff and hopefully improve the quality of the water that makes it into the Ashuelot River and from there ultimately to the Atlantic Ocean. Retention basins are described as “artificial lakes with vegetation around the perimeter which include a permanent pool of water in their design.”  This is more of a pond than a lake…

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More great pictures from the ice man, once the gardener extraordinaire.

Originally posted on New Hampshire Garden Solutions:

1. Dim Sun

The old saying says that you should make lemonade when life gives you lemons, so when life gives me cold I take photos of the ice. The one above shows what a little glimpse of sun on a cold, cloudy winter day looks like. There seems to be little real heat coming from it but I suppose if it wasn’t there we’d know what cold was really all about. We’ve seen the temperature fall to as low as -12 °F (-24 °C) so far, and there’s a lot of January left.

2. Window Frost

In the old house I grew up in the curtains would blow in the breeze even when the windows were closed and frost grew on the windows all winter long, so I grew up admiring all of the different shapes that can be seen in ice. They can be very beautiful and I still admire them.

3. Window Frost

Ferns, flowers, trees…

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“get a bicycle. you will certainly not regret it, if you live.” ~ mark twain 



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i was

so excited

to buy

my brand new

townie bike

it was


and fancy


i imagined myself

riding on a beautiful sunny day

into town

carrying spring flowers in my basket

looking at all the sights

along the way

waving to neighbors

i named it

‘white lightning’


of it’s beautiful color



i would ride fast on it

with the

wind at my back

i rode it out of the store



i’d been in spin class

for a while


feeling free

and confident

i took off like a rocket

into the parking lot

and quickly

lost control


slammed into

my daughter’s shopping cart

i’d forgotten about


‘balance factor’


we laid in the parking lot

laughing our

baskets off


people walked by


thinking we were drunk

in the middle of the day

but we knew

it was only

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Let’s Vitalize The World!


Excellent Sirena!

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The influence of the vitalized person is that he vitalizes.” ~Joseph Campbell

I’ve been viewing the epic interviews of visionary/philosopher/hero Joseph Campbell on “The Power of Myth.” Somewhat familiar with Campbell’s game changing research and theories, I was thrilled to receive my son’s Christmas gift of the DVDs of Campbell’s historic conversations with Bill Moyers to learn more.

One point that resonates deafeningly for me, among the many nuggets of brilliance, is Campbell’s insistence that by following our passion, our “bliss,” we can change the world. Throughout his exhaustive research of myths from across the globe and throughout millennia runs this golden thread of guidance: Each of us needs to discover, bring forth and share our unique gifts.


We are each heroes on our own hero’s journey, who by mining our inimitability and contributing it to the world, make that world a more vibrant place.

How to do this?  Unlike…

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On being improbable


I love stories of the improbable, especially when they become possible. Happy New Year Sirena of Sirena, Sirena, and Sirena!

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I’ve always loved tales of the improbable, especially of the human kind.  The underdog, the comeback kid, the hero surmounting daunting odds:  I think most people are drawn to these heroic tales.   A lot of their magic is wrapped up in the notion of possibility.

Witnessing someone else’s expansion of the limits of possibility inspires us and our imaginations.  If he/she/they can do that, what else is possible?  For them, but also for me?

While my own stories of being and doing the improbable fall far short of many, I realize that a number of my choices have been fueled at least partly as a vote of confidence for possibility. If I head out to the more distant reaches of convention, of the norm, I hope to contribute to the treasure chest that is possibility.


Not to suggest that I have done things solely or even primarily because they…

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